XY Finance Cross-Chain Update #1

Welcome to the first edition of our recent update! As of late we have achieved a series of successful partnerships, collaborations, integrations with leading projects in DeFi & GameFi space in the multichain world. As we strive to keep our community informed about our notable operations, we’re excited to announce that our product offerings have also reached significant milestones, including new chain integration, the launch of a token bridging service, updated and reduced fee structure, and a stronger presence in the Astar ecosystem. We’re proud to continue our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation to our users but first, check out this XY Blog for juicy updates!

Bridges Updates 

XY Finance x Rubic Exchange

Rubic has integrated XY Finance API to diversify cross-chain routes for cross-chain transactions on Rubic’s dApp. XY Finance now operates as a provider for cross-chain trades for 7 networks on Rubic including BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Optimism, Moonriver & Ethereum. Apart from other DEXes, DEX aggregators out there, what XY Finance stands out is that we have our own bridge to enable the best cross-chain experience and access to all chains we support. With XY Finance at Rubic, we can offer both veterans and new users the fast as well as secured cross-chain experience with the best routes & minimized rates!

  • Check out our API doc here.
  • Want to expand the scope of your dApp to 14+ chains? Hop in the multichain world by filling up this form.
  • To know more about this integration, check out this article.

XY Integrates Numbers Protocol’s Number Mainnet

In the first stage, we launched an Ethereum-Number Mainnet (Jade) bridge. Users can easily swap any tokens they want from 14 chains to $NUM on Ethereum & bridge $NUM across Ethereum and Numbers Mainnet (Jade) in a second. In the future, XY Finance and Numbers will jointly open more gateways for Web3 users to travel across different networks.

Numbers Mainnet (Jade) joined the XY Universe as our latest integration. Prior to the launch of Numbers Mainnet, Numbers Protocol leveraged third party blockchains to archive digital media content. Numbers Mainnet unlocks Numbers Protocol and enables it to support the entire lifecycle of the modern digital asset.

Multi-Chain DEX Updates

XY Finance x Verse DEX

We have recently integrated Verse DEX, a decentralized exchange platform powered by Bitcoin.com. Verse DEX aims to focus on providing new DeFi users with cross-chain trading between Ethereum & SmartBCH chains and we are glad to have another DEX onboard to optimize our service on the Ethereum chain!

Multi-Chain Token Listings

Zebec $ZBC – Multi-Chain Continuous Settlement Protocol

Zebec is a multi-chain continuous settlement protocol that provides an easy to use Multisig Treasury Management app for projects to safely manage assets as well as Per-Second token distribution and vesting services.

Token Utility of $ZBC:
✅ Governance and Vote Staking
✅ Discounts on Zebec Protocol’s services
✅ Rewards on Zebec Card

Website | $ZBC on CoinMarketCap | Twitter

Router Protocol $ROUTE – Permissionless Cross-Chain Asset Swap Protocol

Router Protocol is a cross-chain bridge that aims to provide bridging infrastructure between emerging Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain solutions.

Token Utility of $ROUTE:
✅ Governance
✅ Revenue Sharing
✅ Discount on Transaction Fees
✅ Discount on CrossTalk Fees
✅ Unified Gas and Transaction Fees

Website | $ROUTE on CoinMarketCap | Twitter

Kapital DAO $KAP – Service Provider for Web3 Gaming Communities

Kapital DAO is an asset management tech provider that enables multiple layers of institutional control for organizations to easily leverage their operations. $KAP is the lifeblood of the protocol, with over six designated use cases including paying fees, placing votes, and earning incentives.

Token Utility of $KAP:
✅ Goverance
✅ Asset management transaction fees
✅ In-app NFT placement promotions
✅ Accelerated game listings
✅ Liquidity staking
✅ Social voting on partnerships or acquisitions
✅ Social rewards and incentives

Website | $KAP on CoinMarketCap | Twitter

Degis $DEG – All-in-One Protection Protocol Built on Avalanche

Degis is the first all-in-one protection protocol built on Avalanche. The ultimate goal is to build a universal crypto protection platform and shape a decentralized protection ecosystem. With blockchain infrastructures, Degis can resolve cumbersome purchasing and complicated claims in the traditional markets and better perform via smart contracts.

Token Utility of $DEG:
✅ Goverance
✅ Income Sharing
✅ $DEG Staking
✅ Unveil Treasury box

Website | $DEG on CoinMarketCap | Twitter

Verse DEX $VERSE – DEX Specialized in Ethereum & SmartBCH Trade

Verse DEX is a decentralized exchange platform and a key component of the Bitcoin.com ecosystem that aims to bring everyone permissionless and non-custodial trading access.

Token Utility of $VERSE:
✅ Earn ~80% APY in Verse Farms on Verse DEX.
✅ Earn $VERSE and other cryptocurrencies by providing liquidity to the Verse DEX

Website | $VERSE on CoinMarketCap | Twitter

Beside API & Widget integration, we also provides token listing & token bridging services to projects who wish to expand their presence to 14+ blockchains and let users trade from 230k tokens to their token. Overall, having the token listed on XY Finance can help crypto projects to reach a wider audience and tap into the potential of the DeFi ecosystem. If you want to recommend a project to be listed on our dApp, feel free to let us know on Discord as well! 

To list your token and inflow more liquidity, fill this Google Form and we will reach out to you!

XY Updates

XY Finance Listed on Astar dApp Staking Program

After becoming the #1 bridge on Astar according to DefiLlama, XY Finance has been approved by the Astar community to join Astar’s #Build2Earn dApp staking program! Users can now stake $ASTR on XY Finance to support and earn more $ASTR. We will also get rewards from the dApp staking program and these rewards will be used for the Astar common goods and protocol operations. Join us, the #1 bridge on Astar in this #Build2Earn program!

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to join Astar’s dApp staking program with us, you can check out this tutorial on XY Blog.

Lower Cross Chain Bridge Fee Structure

To offer even more competitive cross-chain experience, we have lowered the cross-chain transaction fee on 14 chains we currently support. Aside from lowered fees, the main value proposition from XY Finance is that with smart routing and by having our own bridge (yBridge) we can offer the best route as well as price quotes for users and provide the best cross-chain experience compared to other cross-chain protocols!

You can delve into details of fees incurred while swapping via XY Finance in this XY Blog

What’s next? Support Wemix 3.0 Mainnet, Sui, More Bridges

Our recent roadmap outlines several new initiatives and features that the team is currently working on. Firstly, we are aiming to support Sui and Wemix, two popular blockchain networks that will enable users to access DeFi services on these networks. This will allow for greater interoperability between different blockchain networks, providing users with more options for accessing and using DeFi applications.

Secondly, we are developing a cross-chain messaging system that will allow users to communicate and exchange information across different blockchain networks. This new feature will allow smart contracts on different chains to communicate with each other without having to send the actual tokens between chains. This means applications work with any asset or service regardless of which blockchain it is on.

Finally, XY Finance is working on a new feature – Guild Swap Widget. Similar to our already existed widget, this new feature is tailor-made for GameFi/NFT projects or guilds to easily trade their game tokens, making it hassle-free to manage their portfolios.

For users, we provide cross-chain solutions with the most optimal routes, covering all tokens and creating ultra-fast transfers. For developers, our cutting-edge APIs & Widgets will be a great addition to their projects. We are committed to provide both users and developers the best possible cross-chain services in the market, stay tuned for more good news in XY Finance Update#2!

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