How to Bridge to zkSync from ETH mainnet, Base, Linea, and More?

How to Bridge to zkSync from ETH mainnet, Base, Linea, and More?

If you’re wondering how to bridge to zkSync, look no further. Check out this detailed, step-by-step guide, which makes it easy to bridge from over 20+ different blockchains.☄️

(Know More About zkSync Before Reading: What is zkSync? Get to Know Everything You Need in 5 minutes!)

Why Bridge to zkSync? Understanding the Benefits

zkSync is a Layer 2 network that scales Ethereum with the latest, cutting-edge ZK technology. It was developed not only to increase Ethereum’s throughput, but also to fully preserve its foundational values of freedom, self-sovereignty, and decentralization at scale. According to zkSync, their endgame is ‘hyperscalability’. This is because in order to meet web3’s ever-increasing and exponential demand, blockchains need to be able to scale like the web2 Internet—able to process an unlimited number of transactions, without marginal impact on security or cost.

zkSync is built on zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup architecture, an L2 scaling solution in which all funds are held by a smart contract on the mainchain, while computation and storage are performed off-chain. A state transition zero-knowledge proof (SNARK) is generated and verified by the mainchain contract for every rollup block. This SNARK includes the proof of the validity of every single transaction in the Rollup block. 

Thus, ZK rollup architecture provides the following guarantees:

  • The rollup validator(s) can never corrupt the state or steal funds
  • Users can always retrieve the funds from the Rollup even if the validator(s) stop cooperating because the data is available
  • Because of validity proofs, neither users nor a single other trusted party needs to be online to monitor rollup blocks in order to prevent fraud

Tl;dr, ZK rollup inherits the security guarantees of the underlying L1—in this case, Ethereum. zkSync thus enables users to enter and exit the Ethereum mainnet in a decentralized pattern, all while offering lower transaction fees.

How to Bridge to zkSync? Why is the zkSync Official Bridge not the Best Choice?

In most cases, the zkSync official Bridge will probably be the top-of-mind or simplest way to transfer assets to zkSync. However, it does have a few drawbacks:

  • The zkSync official bridge facilitates asset transfers exclusively between Ethereum and zkSync only—excluding connectivity with other Layer 1 or Layer 2 networks
  • The wait time for withdrawals is too long, requiring a 24-hour processing period

Having noted these limitations, you can begin thinking about using third-party cross-chain bridges to transfer your assets to zkSync. Luckily, XY Finance provides an easy, user-friendly, and efficient way to do just that.

Bridge Crypto to zkSync Step-by-Step Guide, from Ethereum, Base, Linea and other L2s

XY Finance is a cross-chain bridge aggregator that operates on 20 EVM chains, including Ethereum, Base, Linea, and more. XY Finance’s user-focused approach means easy token swapping between different chains—including zkSync. This provides users with the best option at affordable prices, too.

Check out this step-by-step guide below and discover just how easy it is to execute a cross-chain swap at for the most competitive prices on XY Finance!

Step1: Bridge Crypto to zksync era

⓵ Visit Swap page and Click “Connect”
Start your cross-chain journey

Step2: Bridge Crypto to zksync era

⓶ Connect Your Web3 Wallet
Up to 9 of the most common wallets available!

Step3: Bridge Crypto to zksync era

⓷ Select the Tokens & Chains Accordingly
Cross-chain or single-chain swap are both available.
Be sure to choose the correct chains and tokens.

Step4: Bridge Crypto to zksync era

⓸ Check the Details
Choose the route and double check the swap rate & fees.

Step5: Bridge Crypto to zksync era

Approve & Confirm to Swap
Click “Swap & Bridge” and confirm the message from your wallet.
(For the first time, users need to approve the token to allow #XYFinance access.)

Step6: Bridge Crypto to zksync era

⓺ Wait for the transaction to be completed
Transaction status can be tracked on the screen

In most cases, cross-chain transactions will be completed within minutes. To view your past transaction records, you can click the ‘Transaction’ button.

If your transaction cannot be completed, please raise a ticket in the XY Finance Discord. Our team will be happy to help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.

After Bridging to zkSync: Exploring Promising zkSync Ecosystem!

Now that you know how to transfer your assets to zkSync successfully, why not get to the exciting part and explore the variety of protocols within the zkSync ecosystem? Whatever captures your interests—be it DeFi, SocialFi, GameFi, NFTs, or more—you can definitely find a zkSync dApp or project to fit the bill.

Check out the zkSync ecosystem and start exploring now!

zkSync Ecosystem

Security in Cross-Chain Transactions

Each time you bridge between different blockchain networks, remember that it’s your responsibility to make sure your assets are secure. Below are a few things you can do to make sure to help maintain the security of your digital assets.

  • Verify the authenticity of the bridge service that you’re using
  • Carefully review your transaction details before you finalize them
  • Keep your private keys and wallet information in a secure location
  • Stay updated about and remain vigilant against phishing sites and scams

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, being able to bridge assets to zkSync is a useful bit of knowledge for web3 enthusiasts. This comprehensive guide was designed to increase your understanding of DeFi as well as guide you to become a more knowledgeable participant in the quickly-changing blockchain technology landscape. Remember to stay informed about the latest trends in DeFi so you can continue to broaden your horizons in this dynamic landscape! 

Other Bridging Tutorials for You

Now that you know how to bridge to zkSync, don’t stop there! You can just as easily bridge your assets to different blockchains as you wish with XY Finance. For more detailed information on how to do this, visit XY blog or check out these step-by-step guides below.

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