Cross-Chain Bridge Crypto from Ethereum to Base

Don’t know how to bridge crypto to Base? Don’t worry! This article will guide you step-by-step, making it effortless to bridge from Ethereum to Base.

Cross-Chain Bridge Crypto from Ethereum to Base 

Don’t know how to bridge crypto to Base? Don’t worry! This article will guide you step-by-step, making it effortless to bridge from Ethereum to Base.

What is the benefit of bridging from Ethereum to Base?

Base, the Layer 2 (L2) solution launched by the leading crypto exchange Coinbase, Since opening to all users in August of this year, Base has accumulated over 280 million TVL. This rapid growth is due to its diverse and rich DeFi ecosystem, with over 160 protocols currently available to users on Base.

Therefore, if you want to experience protocols other than Ethereum, such as — the most popular SocialFi among the crypto community this year — bridging to Base is an inevitable first step.

In addition, Base not only has faster transaction speeds, but also much lower costs than Ethereum. For example, the gas fee for token swaps on Base is only 1/25 of that on Ethereum. For users who frequently perform on-chain operations, bridging to Base will help to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

How to Bridge Between Ethereum and Base

For general users, using the official cross-chain bridge is perhaps the most direct way to bridge assets to Base. However, the official cross-chain bridge of Base has some disadvantages:

  1. Base cross-chain bridge only supports asset transfers between Ethereum and Base, not to other L1 or L2 networks.
  2. The supported token list is limited, and unsupported tokens need to be swapped to other tokens before bridging.
  3. Due to Base’s optimistic rollups consensus mechanism, it takes about 7 days to bridge assets from Base to Ethereum.

Based on the above reasons, it is recommended that users use third-party cross-chain bridges when bridging to Base. XY Finance, which is introduced in this article, is a convenient and efficient option.

Step-by-Step Guide on Bridging Crypto from Ethereum to Base

XY Finance is a cross-chain bridge aggregator that operates on 19 EVM chains including Base, zkSync, Arbitrum, Optimism & more. XY Finance’s user-centric approach allows for easy token swaps between different chains, ensuring the best route and optimal prices for users. 

Just follow the step-by-step guide below to experience a smooth and seamless cross-chain swap at the fairest price through XY Finance!

Step1: Bridging Crypto from Ethereum to Base

⓵ Visit Swap page and Click “Connect”
Start your cross-chain journey

Step2: Bridging Crypto from Ethereum to Base

⓶ Connect Your Web3 Wallet
Up to 9 of the most common wallets available!

Step3: Bridging Crypto from Ethereum to Base

⓷ Select the Tokens & Chains Accordingly
Cross-chain or single-chain swap are both available.
Be sure to choose the correct chains and tokens.

Step4: Bridging Crypto from Ethereum to Base

⓸ Check the Details
Choose the route and double check the swap rate & fees.

Step5: Bridging Crypto from Ethereum to Base

Approve & Confirm to Swap
Click “Swap & Bridge” and confirm the message from your wallet.
(For the first time, users need to approve the token to allow #XYFinance access.)

Step6: Bridging Crypto from Ethereum to Base

⓺ Wait for the transaction to be completed
Transaction status can be tracked on the screen.

In most cases, cross-chain transactions will be completed within minutes. Users can click on the “History” button to view past transaction records.

If your transaction cannot be completed, please open a ticket in the XY Finance Discord. The team will be happy to help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.

After Bridging from Ethereum to Base: Exploring Base Ecosystem!

After successfully transferring assets to Base, users can start experiencing the diverse protocols in the Base ecosystem. Whether you want to trade perpetual futures, buy and sell NFTs, or borrow against your assets, you can find protocols that provide relevant services on the official Base ecosystem website.

Base Ecosystem

In previous articles on XY Blog, we have also introduced the protocols worth paying attention to on Base, and have provided a detailed explanation of Base’s features, advantages, and development plans.

Just click the link below for a deeper understanding of Base!
What is Base?Get to Know Everything about Coinbase’s L2 in 5 minutes!

Other Bridging Tutorial for You

Still unsure how to bridge across different blockchains? Visit XY Blog for a complete guide and understanding!

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XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away.

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