PenPad Integrates XY Finance Cross-Chain Widget: Stake $ETH to Earn $PDD!

PenPad Integrates XY Finance Cross-Chain Widget: Stake $ETH to Earn $PDD!

XY Finance x PenPad

We’re excited to reveal that PenPad, the innovative zero-knowledge launchpad on Scroll, has now integrated the XY Finance cross-chain widget! This integration allows PenPad users to effortlessly access tokens from 20 chains to participate in IPOs on the PenPad platform. 

By incorporating the XY Finance cross-chain widget, PenPad aims to boost liquidity, draw new users, and expand PenPad’s reach to a broader, multi-chain audience.

About PenPad

PenPad is a Scroll-based launchpad that integrates zk-rollups, proof-of-humanity logins, and on-chain verifiable randomness. PenPad is an excellent place for developers to build their project’s community and for users to get in early on new projects. PenPad revitalizes the spirit of fair launches on the Scroll chain.

About $PDD

$PDD, PenPad’s native token, will be launched soon. To reward the community, PenPad is distributing 18% of the total $PDD token supply to the community via three Token Launch Campaign Seasons. In each season, users earn points that will determine their token distribution by completing tasks like following PenPad on social media, referring friends, and staking. 

In Season 2, staking more than 0.05ETH on PenPad gives participants PenPad Points in proportion to their share of the total ETH grants proportional PenPad Points. Moreover, forming a “Warrior Guild” with friends allows you to pool your efforts and work together, increasing your potential earnings. Every time the guild’s total stake increases by 1 ETH, all guild member points are boosted! 

To get started, visit the launch page on the PenPad website here.

Ready to participate in the PenPad Token Launch Seasons? Quickly bridge your ETH to Scroll using the XY Finance widget and start participating!

Check out our tutorial to learn how to use XY Finance to bridge tokens to Scroll:

🔗 How to Bridge Assets Across 20+ Blockchains via Swap

More About PenPad

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

What is XY Finance & Cross-Chain Widget?

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges.

For users

XY Finance provides cross-chain solutions in which users can bridge and swap any tokens seamlessly across all the chains we currently support. As of the time of writing, XY Finance has integrated 20+ chains, 280+ DEXs and 270k+ tokens!

For users, try out Swap to bridge & swap with the most seamless cross-chain experience

👉 XY Finance Cross-Chain dApp

For developers

XY Finance’s cutting-edge APIs & widgets help power cross-chain bridging and swapping solutions that enable projects to connect with various chains and networks to inflow more liquidity and create more new use cases. Let us do the work so you can sit, relax and on board more multi-chain users!

Ready to hop into the multichain world & engage more users on 16+ chains

👉 Introducing XY Finance Cross-Chain Widget

👉 Widget Integration Developer Document 

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Supporting promising projects like PenPad to expand its outreach from Scroll, Optimism & Arbitrum to the multi-chain space is what we do at XY Finance and we can’t wait to onboard more projects & users to the multi-chain world with XY Finance cross-chain widget!

About XY Finance

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away.

XY Finance Official Channels

XY Finance | Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Documents | Partnership Form

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