XY Finance’s Enhanced Bridge Aggregator with More DEXs & More Bridges, Connecting All EVM Chains

Best bridge aggregator ever, connecting All EVM Chains,

TL;DR:  All You Need to Know About XY Finance Bridge Aggregator Upgrade:

  • XY Finance is a Cross-Chain Bridge Aggregator with our own bridge, currently active on 20 EVM chains.
  • Expanded Support: We’ve added more Bridges, including Synapse, cBridge, Circle CCTP, and our signature yBridge, ensuring top quotes and a variety of cross-chain options, all while addressing liquidity concerns.
  • xAsset Bridge: This feature enables projects to establish their distinct token bridge, extending their token’s reach across multiple chains and boosting their visibility.
  • Upcoming User Features: Look forward to new additions including refuel, route customization, and more!

Diving into XY Finance’s Upgraded Bridge Aggregator:

Support for More Bridge Aggregation

XY Finance stands out as a cross-chain bridge and DEX aggregator, boasting our unique in-house bridge. Our mission is to simplify token trades across diverse blockchain ecosystems. With the recent enhancements in our Bridge Aggregator, we’ve rolled out a more robust framework. This not only simplifies trading for our users but also brings added benefits for our partners. 

XY Finance Bridge Aggregator Currently Supports 5 Bridges

Users can effortlessly access aggregated liquidity and perform swaps & bridges for any tokens across numerous decentralized exchange networks and bridges, covering multiple blockchains via XY Finance

Developers can simply integrate XY Finance’s all-in-one bridge aggregator API and combine your projects, making your business multichain with highest cross-chain interoperability.

Bridge Your Token to Multichain with a Brand New Bridge Aggregator

XY Finance’s xAsset Bridge is a key highlight of the Bridge Aggregator upgrade. It is designed to help projects seamlessly connect their tokens with various blockchain networks leveraging canonical token bridge mechanism. xAsset Bridge offers a 100% detachable bridge solution granting 100% complete ownership to partners & separate bridge contracts for enhanced security. This expansion also broadens the project’s reach across multiple blockchain networks, increasing its utility & visibility. Currently xAsset Bridge is trusted by projects including Numbers Protocol, Single Finance, Degen Brain Finance

To know more about xAsset Bridge
🔗 Build Your Own Canonical Bridge Across All EVM Chains via XY Finance

Providing More Empowerment to Our Integration Partners in the Near Future

XY Finance is not limited to the above features; it is an ongoing development and even more upgrades. Soon, we will provide users and partners with more empowerment, focusing on delivering the fastest, most cost-effective, and efficient cross-chain experience in the market. Additionally, we will develop more user-friendly features to address some of the shortcomings that still exist in today’s cross-chain service market.


We will provide the “Refuel” feature to ensure that users won’t face inconvenience due to a lack of native tokens on various chains. Refuel can be integrated directly into the bridging process, allowing users to obtain native tokens alongside their bridged assets on the target chain. Alternatively, it can serve as a means to transfer smaller quantities of native tokens hassle-free. 

Define your own Best Route

At the current stage, when users bridge their assets, XY Finance offers quotes from various bridges or DEX aggregators upon user requests and provides users with the best available options. This may lead users to question if it’s truly the best quote, even though it is. In the near future, we will allow users to select from various routes provided by the bridge or DEX aggregator of their choice, allowing them to define their own best route.

Benefits of XY Finance Bridge Aggregator for Users

  1. Optimal Trading Paths: XY Finance offers the most efficient path for a user’s trading pair by evaluating quotes from multiple bridges and DEX aggregators.
  1. Enhanced Liquidity: With integration from cBridge, Circle CCTP and Synapse, liquidity concerns are thoroughly addressed, ensuring optimal routes for trading pairs.
  1. Customized Routing: Soon, users can choose their preferred Bridge or DEX, offering autonomy over defining the best route for their needs.
  2. Refuel Feature: Direct integration of the refueling process ensures users can effortlessly obtain native tokens with their bridged assets, making operations smoother and cost-effective.

To know more about XY Finance and how to cross-chain swap your assets 
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Benefits of XY Finance Bridge Aggregator for Partners/Developers:

  1. Affiliate Fee Opportunities: By integrating XY Finance’s Aggregator API, partners have the option to set an affiliate fee parameter called commission rate, specifying the additional percentage fee they wish to apply to the requested transaction. 
  1. Easy-to-Use  Cross-Chain Services: With XY Finance’s advanced features, partners ensure their users enjoy a seamless trading experience, fostering trust and increasing platform stickiness.
  1. Expansive Integration: Envision your project supporting 19+ chains and 280+ DEXs via single one API or Widget. Dive into a dynamic blockchain ecosystem and expand your business reach.
  1. Zero Integration Costs: XY Finance’s cross-chain solutions incurred no cost at all! It’s free, promoting a collaborative approach to enhance DeFi ecosystem offerings.
  1. Deepened Liquidity & Competitive Pricing: Benefit from the in-depth liquidity and improved pricing guaranteed by XY Finance’s comprehensive architecture.

Ready to hop into the multichain world & engage more users on 20+ chains
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The heart of XY Finance lies in fostering interoperability across chains. With the introduction of the features, we’re not just upgrading our system; we’re refining the cross-chain experience for every user and partner involved. Our commitment remains the same: facilitating borderless and seamless swaps with just a click! Join us on this journey.

About XY Finance

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away.

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