YSL.IO Integrates XY Finance Cross-Chain API: Powering YSL.IO’s Liquidity Aggregation Protocol on 12 Chains

XY Finance x YSL.IO

We’re proud to share that XY Finance is now powering cross-chain solution for YSL.IO! As part of our partnership, YSL.IO has integrated XY Finance API to diversify cross-chain routes for ChainZap, YSL.IO’s liquidity aggregation protocol. Essentially, with XY Finance cross-chain API, we can help projects like YSL.IO to inflow liquidity, expand outreach to all our supported chains, ensure the best swap rate & routes and increase the project’s exposure to a wider multi-chain audience!

XY Finance’s Cross-Chain Route on YSL.IO’s ChainZap Dashboard

XY Finance now operates as a provider for cross-chain trades for 12 networks on YSL.IO:
✅ Ethereum
✅ zkSync Era
✅ Optimism
✅ Arbitrum
✅ Cronos
✅ Polygon
✅ Avalanche
✅ Fantom
✅ Klaytn
✅ Moonriver

Cross-chain or on-chain bridge and swap your assets seamlessly on 20+ chains with XY Finance & YSL.IO! Together we offer users fast and secured cross-chain experience with the best routes as well as minimized rates.

About YSL.IO

The heart of YSL.IO ecosystem lies the three core pillars: Yield, Stability & Liquidity, YSL.IO strives to revolutionize yield farming with innovative vaults and create a dynamic ecosystem that is a perpetual motion machine, gradually gaining momentum over time until it is self-sustaining.

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What is XY Finance & Cross-Chain API?

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. For users, XY Finance provides cross-chain solutions in which users can bridge and swap any tokens seamlessly across all the chains we currently support. As of the time of writing, XY Finance has integrated 20+ chains, 280+ DEXs and 120k+ tokens! For developers, XY Finance’s cutting-edge cross-chain API & widget help power multi-chain bridging and swapping solution that enable projects to connect with various chains and networks to inflow more liquidity and create more new use cases. 

For users, try out Swap to bridge & swap with the most seamless cross-chain experience
👉🏻 XY Finance Cross-Chain dApp

For developers who are ready to hop into the multichain world & engage more users on 16+ chains
👉🏻 Introducing XY Finance Cross-Chain Widget
👉🏻 API Integration Developer Document 
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Supporting promising projects like YSL.IO to expand its outreach to the multi-chain space is what we do at XY Finance and we can’t wait to onboard more projects & users to the multi-chain world with XY Finance cross-chain solution!

About XY Finance

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away.

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