XY Finance Now Supports 4 DEX Aggregators, Offering Diverse Cross-Chain Routes

XY Finance Now Supports 4 DEX Aggregators, Offering Diverse Cross-Chain Routes

TL;DR:  All You Need to Know About XY Finance DEX Aggregator Upgrade:

  • XY Finance is a Cross-Chain Bridge and DEX Aggregator with our own bridge, currently active on 20 EVM chains.
  • Support for Multiple Aggregators, including XY Aggregator, 1inch, Openocean, and OKX DEX, providing a wide range of trading options and liquidity across various chains.
  • Users don’t have to go through all the DEX, XY Finance DEX aggregator will find the best quote!

Diving into XY Finance’s Upgraded DEX Aggregator

XY Finance excels as a cross-chain bridge and DEX aggregator, featuring our distinctive in-house bridge. Our goal is to streamline token trading across various blockchain ecosystems.

With the latest improvements to our DEX Aggregator, we have introduced a stronger framework. This enhancement not only makes trading easier for our users but also offers additional advantages to our partners.

XY Finance Bridge Aggregator Currently Supports 4 DEX Aggregator:

  • XY Aggregator
    XY Aggregator integrates liquidity from DEXs across different chains, including well-known platforms like Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and TraderJoe, fulfilling users’ needs for swaps between various tokens.
  • 1inch
    As one of the most emblematic DEX aggregators in the DeFi industry, 1inch’s swap feature consolidates 483 liquidity sources from 12 chains, enhancing the liquidity XY Finance can offer across various mainstream chains.
  • Openocean
    A one-stop decentralized crypto trading solution, Openocean stands out with its support for swap functions over 30+ chains. Even for less active or smaller user-based chains, Openocean provides the necessary liquidity for XY Finance.
    OKX, a leading CEX, has been actively moving towards Web3 development since last year. Its OKX DEX, integrating over 400 DEXs across more than 20 networks, is one of its potential breakthrough products. As the latest DEX integrated with XY Finance, it brings an expanded range of trading options for users.
  • More to be integrated!

Users can easily tap into combined liquidity and execute swaps and bridges for various tokens across a wide range of decentralized exchange networks and bridges, spanning multiple blockchains, through XY Finance.

Developers can effortlessly integrate XY Finance’s comprehensive bridge aggregator API to incorporate their projects, thereby enhancing their business with superior multichain capabilities and optimal cross-chain interoperability.

Benefits of XY Finance DEX Aggregator for Users

As XY Finance’s product features continue to evolve, users will enjoy the following benefits while using our services:

  1. Optimal Trading Paths: XY Finance provides the most efficient route for a user’s trading pair by analyzing quotes from various bridges and DEX aggregators.
  2. Enhanced Liquidity: By integrating 1inch, Openocean, and OKX DEX, XY Finance effectively addresses liquidity concerns, ensuring the most optimal routes for trading pairs.
  3. Customized Routing: Users have the freedom to select their preferred Bridge or DEX on XY Finance’s new UI, allowing them to determine the most suitable route for their specific needs. 

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To know more about XY Finance and how to cross-chain swap your assets
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Benefits of XY Finance DEX Aggregator Partners/Developers:

In addition to our users, Partners & Developers are also a crucial focus for XY Finance. Through continuous product updates, we strive to offer our collaborators a range of diverse advantages:

  1. Affiliate Fee Opportunities: Partners can set up an affiliate fee through XY Finance’s Aggregator API, allowing them to apply an additional percentage fee on transactions, creating a new revenue opportunity.
  2. Streamlined Cross-Chain Trading: XY Finance’s sophisticated features ensure that partners can offer their users a frictionless trading experience, building trust and enhancing user retention.
  3. Broad Ecosystem Access: Imagine enabling your project to support over 20 chains and 280+ DEXs with just one API or Widget. Tap into a vast blockchain ecosystem and broaden your market presence.
  4. Zero Integration Costs: XY Finance’s cross-chain solutions incurred no cost at all! It’s free, promoting a collaborative approach to enhance DeFi ecosystem offerings.
  5. Deepened Liquidity & Competitive Pricing: Leverage XY Finance’s extensive network for deeper liquidity and more favorable pricing, giving your project a competitive edge.

Interested in the services provided by XY Finance? We invite you to learn more about us and get in touch through the following documents!

🔗 Introducing XY Finance Cross-Chain Widget
🔗 Multiple Bridges Aggregator API Developer Document
🔗 Partnership Form

At the core of XY Finance is the mission to enhance interoperability between different chains. The introduction of new features signifies more than just an upgrade to our system; it’s about elevating the cross-chain and swap experience for every user and partner involved. Our dedication remains steadfast: Facilitating borderless and seamless swaps with just a click! Join us on this journey.

About XY Finance

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away.

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