A Journey of Milestones and Achievements: XY Finance 2024 Q1 Recap

Through bull and bear markets, XY Finance persists in providing the ultimate convenient cross-chain service. Let’s take a look back at XY Finance’s 2024 Q1 milestones & Achievements!

Integration with 6 more blockchains! Trading volume exceeds 1 billion

In our recent quarterly review, we’ve made significant strides in enhancing and expanding our cross-chain services. Until this season, we successfully integrated 22 new chains, including notable additions like Polygon zkEVM, Linea, Base, Mantle, Scroll, and Blast. Our commitment to growth is unwavering, and we’re excited about the rapid pace of our network expansion.

Our impact in the DeFi space has markedly increased as more chains have been incorporated into our swap and bridge services. Notably, our Total Value Locked (TVL) has soared past 6 million, and our transaction volume broke through the 1 billion mark in March. We’re immensely grateful to the 580,000 users who have trusted our services. Driven by your support, we continue to innovate and improve our offerings, ensuring that XY Finance remains your go-to for safe and convenient cross-chain solutions.

zkSync Era, Arbitrum & Scroll are shining bright!

Continuing our momentum, in the first quarter of 2024, zkSync Era, Arbitrum and Linea have been standout performers, contributing 40%, 10%, and 8% to our total transaction volume, respectively. We sincerely hope that as you navigate these burgeoning Layer2 ecosystems, you find substantial rewards and become integral members of these vibrant communities.

We’ve also received valuable feedback from users who suggested integrating specific blockchains. Rest assured, your insights are crucial to us. As we move into the new season, we remain committed to carefully evaluating and expanding our cross-chain ecosystem. Your ideas and guidance are vital nutrients helping us grow stronger and more capable.

Brand-new XY Finance brings you smoother and safer cross-chain experience

Over the past few quarters, XY Finance has significantly upgraded its features and interface to enhance user experience, including:

  • Dynamic Fee Implementation: By monitoring real-time market gas data, we offer cheaper gas fees and routes than our competitors.
  • Discord Bot & Explorer Launch: Users can track their personal transactions using their address and transaction hash.
  • More Bridges & DEXs Aggregation: We provide users with more diverse bridging options and better swap prices.
  • Events Page Update: We’ve revamped the events interface to make it easier for users to stay up-to-date with past and upcoming campaigns.
  • More Web3 Wallets Support: Supporting over 10 popular Web3 wallets, we’ve made it more convenient for users to connect with XY Finance.

XY Finance will keep evolving to provide ultimate convenient cross-chain service. Stay updated by following XY Finance on social media to catch all our product announcements and updates!

Upholding Robust Security and Building Trust in XY Finance

While providing the ultimate convenience, security is a priority for XY Finance. In the risky landscape of the blockchain industry, ensuring the safety of user assets is essential for achieving long-term user growth.

In March of this year, XY Finance completed an audit conducted by Quantstamp, marking our second security review following one by BlockSec. Our commitment to security is evident, and discussions for further audits with other firms are currently underway!

Dive Deeper into Blockchain with XY Blog’s New Series of Guides and Tutorials

In addition to product upgrades, have you noticed the recent influx of educational articles on the XY Blog? As a Bridge & DEX Aggregator, our goal extends beyond providing safe and convenient services; we’re committed to offering users a thorough understanding of the chains we integrate with.
On the XY Blog, you can now find comprehensive guides to each chain, cross-chain tutorials, ecosystem Dapp recommendations, and even airdrop guides. With the numerous articles carefully crafted by our team, you’re sure to gain a deeper understanding of the vast blockchain world. If there are other types of content you’d like us to explore, feel free to make suggestions through our social media channels!

Embark on a new journey with Best partners

To fulfill its role as a competent Bridge & DEX aggregator, XY Finance has continually forged partnerships with solid DeFi protocols over the past quarters, providing users with diverse and low-slippage trading options.

Optimized Trading: New Bridges and DEX Integrations

Currently, the XY Finance bridge aggregator supports 6 bridges, including new partners: Synapse, Celer cBridge, Circle CCTP & Across. Additionally, the DEX aggregator has also welcomed the addition of new partners, including: OpenOcean & OKX DEX.

With these robust partners on board, XY Finance will continue to offer you stable liquidity, various routes & best quotes!

To ensure that users can trade the hottest tokens on the market in real-time, XY Finance stays abreast of market trends, listing over 30 tokens across multiple chains. This includes $VC (Velocore) on zkSync, $USDY and $mUSD (Ondo Finance) on Mantle, $PANDORA (ERC-404) on Ethereum, $YES (Baseline) on Blast and more!

In the future, we won’t stop; we’ll do everything we can to bring you a more comprehensive selection of tokens!

Expanding Partnerships: Empowering Businesses with XY Finance’s Cross-Chain Services

Beyond serving retail users, XY Finance has actively expanded its cross-chain services to industry partners through APIs and Widgets. In recent quarters, top partners like Mummy Finance, Holdstation, PenPad, and Era Name Service have integrated the XY Finance Widget, launching supported cross-chain functionalities within their own products. These collaborations have fostered mutual growth and strengthened our ecosystem.

Vibrant campaigns to introduce XY Finance to wider users

Beyond launching more comprehensive services to meet the needs of existing users, XY Finance continues to participate in various campaigns across multiple chains to enhance product visibility. This includes:

  1. Polygon zkEVM ecosystem campaign – Galxe
  2. QuesterSeekers on Linea – QuestN
  3. XY Finance x LineaNS Partnership Giveaway – TaskOn
  4. zkEVM Saga – Intract
  5. XYFinance & PLEXUS collaboration campaign – Intract
  6. XY Finance cross-chain swap quest – Layer3
  7. OKX Cryptopedia on zkSync – OKX
  8. GM Scroll – QuestN
  9. Scroll Mainnet Alliance Week – TaskOn
  10. Linea DeFi Voyage – Intract
  11. Web3 Year End Party – OKX
  12. TASK2GET – Bitget

Before we know it, XY Finance has hosted numerous events over the past few quarters, with many more exciting activities currently underway. You can find all related information on our newly updated Events page!

Nice to see you in person!

XY Finance has had a vibrant quarter, marked by active participation in several key blockchain events, including ETH Denver, ETH Seoul, Buidl Asia, and notably, sponsoring ETH Taipei. These gatherings have been instrumental in increasing XY Finance’s brand visibility and product awareness during a period when the bull market signals renewed vigor in the blockchain industry. 

By engaging in these events, XY Finance has not only amplified our exposure but also explored and initiated conversations aimed at diversifying our B2B scalability and reach. The focus has been on connecting with promising projects to foster future collaborations, setting a strategic path for growth and enhanced industry integration. Additionally, XY Finance has successfully connected with and strengthened relationships with promising projects across multiple chains. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to expand our network and influence 

Prospects & Objectives : What’s Next?

As the new quarter begins, XY Finance will continue to optimize its existing features. We plan to support additional blockchains and bridges based on market demand and will promptly list popular tokens. Additionally, customer service remains a focus area for us; we are committed to providing comprehensive and rapid assistance to resolve user issues promptly.

Furthermore, we will actively participate in and host campaigns to attract new users and enhance XY Finance’s visibility in the DeFi sector. We will also promote our quality cross-chain features through APIs and widgets to various partners in the industry, aiming to make it seamless for users to navigate between decentralized platforms without any barriers.If you’re planning to extend your projects across chains, please don’t hesitate to reach out by filling out the form here first. We are excited to collaborate with all pioneers to improve crypto development together.

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