SpaceFi Integrates XY Finance Bridge: Boosting User Adoption in zkSync Era

XY Finance x SpaceFi

We are thrilled to announce that SpaceFi, a cross-chain Web3 platform on zkSync Era has integrated our bridge. XY Finance is now empowering more users to be on board to both zkSync Era & SpaceFi’s ecosystem! Happy to be strengthening the DeFi realm with our new partner SpaceFi 🤝

SpaceFi’s Native Token $SPACE Now on XY Finance
SpaceFi’s native token, $SPACE, has been listed on XY Finance. This significant step will allow users to trade $SPACE from assets across the 20+ blockchains currently supported by XY Finance. By unlocking this potential, $SPACE holders are given access to a broader market, enhancing the token’s liquidity and trading volume.

Powering Cross-Chain Capabilities with XY Finance
With the ambition to become the leading DeFi hub in the zkSync Era, SpaceFi is determined to offer a diverse range of features including exchange, farming, staking, NFT, SocialFi, and more. Whether you are drawn to the potential staking and farming rewards or interested in exploring the NFT ecosystem, you will need to exchange tokens from various chains to the zkSync Era. With this integration, SpaceFi users can seamlessly trade $SPACE with 120+ tokens across 20+ chains via a link in SpaceFi’s dApp 😉

All You Need to Know About SpaceFi & SPACE Token

SpaceFi is a cross-chain Web3 platform on Evmos and zkSync. Functioning as a multi-purpose hub for a variety of product modules, SpaceFi offers a diverse range of financial tools and services that cater to a broad spectrum of cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts. SpaceFi has been one of the earliest and active projects on zkSync Era. More than 150k users have deposited in SpaceFi with $7.5M liquidity, making it one of the Top 5 projects in TVL ranking.

  • SpaceSwap: SpaceFi’s DEX with an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that offers low rates and efficient decentralized trading where you can trade or provide liquidity for profit.
  • Planets NFT: Planet NFT is a pass in the SpaceFi ecosystem, currently Planet NFT holders can stake Planet NFTs to farm $SPACE, receive reward multiplier & bonuses (minting fee, trading fee, spacebase fee and validator commision). SpaceFi also plans to empower more application scenarios in the future including Space DAO and Game.
  • Space Farm: Users can earn SPACE rewards by staking single coin, LP tokens (liquidity pool), NFTs. Each farm pool has its own APR depending on the value of the staked tokens, the reward weight and the price of SPACE.
  • SpaceBase: SpaceBase is the on-chain community with token mining feature. By creating or joining Spacebase, users can additionally get more mining rewards.
  • Starter: Starter is Space’s launchpad, users can stake USDT, ETH or LP of SPACE-USDC, etc. to get a share of the project token at the initial offering price.

About $SPACE

$SPACE, SpaceFi’s native token underpins the entire ecosystem, serving as the primary medium of exchange, a governance token, and a means of earning rewards. $SPACE was launched on June 2023, at the time of writing the price of $SPACE is $0.1503, and the average daily trading volume exceeds 220k; Liquidity providers APR approximates around 177%-182% for SPACE-USDC & SPACE-ETH pairs on Space Farm.

$SPACE Utilities

✅ Convert $SPACE to $xSPACE, the escrowed governance token that can be used in voting, minting Planet NFT or staking to earn.
✅ Stake $SPACE to get a share of the project token at the initial offering price on Space’s launchpad
✅ Mint Planet NFT
✅ Join SpaceBase to earn mining rewards
✅ Receive $SPACE by staking single coin, LP tokens on Space Farm

XY Finance In A Nutshell

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away. For users, XY Finance provides cross-chain solutions with the most optimal routes, covering various tokens and creating ultra-fast transfers. For developers, XY Finance offers cutting-edge cross-chain API & widget to help broaden the project’s connection to all our 20+ supported chains! 

Recently XY Finance has integrated the highly-anticipated scaling solutions for Ethereum –  zkSync Era & Polygon zkEVM. According to DefiLlama, XY Finance is currently the top bridge on zkSync Era, Polygon zkEVM, Astar & ThunderCore! 

To know more about XY Finance and how to cross-chain swap your assets with us
🔗 What is XY Finance? A Brief Introduction
🔗 How to Bridge Assets Across 20+ Blockchains via Swap

For developers

XY Finance’s cutting-edge APIs & widgets help power cross-chain bridging and swapping solutions that enable projects to connect with various chains and networks to inflow more liquidity and create more new use cases. Let us do the work so you can sit, relax and on board more multi-chain users!

Ready to hop into the multichain world & engage more users on 20+ chains
👉 Introducing XY Finance Cross-Chain Widget
👉 Widget Integration Developer Document 
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In its constant pursuit of innovation, SpaceFi has integrated the XY Finance cross-chain solution, which enhances the platform’s interoperability by enabling users to bridge and swap assets across multiple blockchains seamlessly. With this integration, SpaceFi takes another step towards fulfilling its mission of building a unified, efficient, and inclusive DeFi landscape!

About XY Finance

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away.

XY Finance Official Channels

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