Maximize Your Blast Points with Every Transfer or Deposit to Blast with XY Finance!

Blast airdrop is around the corner, are you ready to boost your Blast points with every transfer or deposit to Blast on XY Finance? Dive into the Blast ecosystem with XY Finance and earn more Blast points along the way!

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How to Be Eligible For Blast Points

XY Finance has integrated Blast since it just launched its mainnet, as a part of the Blast community, XY Finance is thrilled to initiate the Transfer to Earn event and onboard more DeFi enthusiasts into the Blast ecosystem while rewarding loyal users of XY Finance. Join us now and claim your share of millions Blast Points!


As the exact time of the Blast airdrop is uncertain, the event will continue until 5/20. Do follow XY Finance on Twitter to know the latest news! 

  • Event Period:

⌛ 05/10 07:00 (UTC+0) – 05/21 07:00 (UTC+0)

🎁 Blast Points for all Bridgers


  •  Points will be allocated to all participants after calculation.

Task 1: Transfer to Earn

  • Bridge or cross-chain swap any amount of any token to Blast via yBridge
  • Blast Points rewards are based on bridge fees, NOT transfer amount
  • More bridge fees spent = more Blast points
  • Bridge fees consumed will be calculated separately for each epoch


  • You can check out How to Bridge to Blast? for step-by-step guide.
  • Only cross-chain routes via yBridge will be eligible for Blast points
    • Bridge: ETH (Optimism) – to ETH (Blast) – yBridge: Valid
    • Bridge & Swap: BNB (BSC) –  to WETH(Blast)  – yBridge: Valid
    • Bridge & Swap: CRV (Arbitrum) – to ALIEN (BLAST) – yBridge: Valid
    • Bridge & Swap: USDT (BNB) to USDB (Blast) – Synapse: Invalid
    • On-Chain Swap: Any token on Blast – any token on Blast: Invalid
  • Formula: if you’ve spent 0.001 ETH as gas for transferring from any chain to Blast, and the total bridge fees for all users are 0.1 ETH, with 100,000 Blast Points available in the epoch, then your eligible points would be (0.001 / 0.1) * 100,000 = 1,000.
  • Bridge fees spent are calculated separately for each epoch.
  • Points will be allocated to all participants ~3 days after the Epoch ends.

Task 2: Deposit to Earn

  • Deposit ETH on Blast to our ETH Pool and earn Blast Points & yield simultaneously.
  • 60% of the bridge fee generated on XY Finance depending on your share in the pool
  • More About Becoming LPs to XY Finance Bridge Pool, check out our XY Blog with step-by-step tutorial


  • Liquidity Providers will receive Blast Points at a rate of 0.06504987 per block per ETH as specified by Blast. For more information, you can refer to Blast’s doc
  • Your points are updated based on the duration and amount of your deposit in the Blast Pool. Points will be allocated to LPs ~3 days after the Epoch ends.
  • Avoid withdrawing liquidity right after depositing to ensure you keep the points earned for that day.

🚀 Ready to boost your Blast Points? Complete both tasks and accumulate Blast Points as much as possible at each epoch!


  • XY Finance can and will disqualify specific members that are proven to have taken malicious action or attempt to “cheat” in any way.

Most Efficient Way to Maximize Your Blast Points & Multipliers

  1. Bridge to Blast via XY Finance: If you don’t have any assets or ETH as gas on Blast yet, start with XY Finance. Bridge & swap some ETH, WETH & USDB to Blast from 20+ chains to start increasing your Multiplier and earn extra points. 
  2. Join DapDap’s Blast Gold Rush: Explore Blast treasure strategies, maximize your Blast Gold earnings!
  3. Spot Dexes 2x Multiplier: Swap any token to any token on Ambient Finance or Thurster
  4. Perp Dexes 2x Multiplier: Open a position on Particle Network
  5. NFTFi 2x Multiplier: Long or short NFTs on nftperp to get 2x multiplier
  6. SocialF 2x Multiplier: Mint a free Protoship NFT and explore the interactive interface of Spacebar playground. 


  • You can check out Blast’s dApp Dasoboard and interact with protocols that distribute Blast Points & Gold!
  • Multipliers increase your Points balance and earnings rate. For instance, if you have 100 Points, and you are earning 20 Points per hour, after earning a 2x Multiplier, you will now have 200 Points and you will earn 40 Points per hour. For more information, you can visit Blast’s doc.

Partners of XY Finance

XY Finance is powering cross-chain bridging and swapping for 100+ projects with our cross-chain widget & API. In this event, you can also accumulate Blast Points by bridging to Blast through our partners like Rubic, Chainspot, Dzap, Xenify (fka & DapDap as long as your transaction is completed via yBridge route. 

Joining Bridge to Earn Blast means not only exploring Blast’s innovative features but also increasing your wallet interactions on Blast. It’s a journey of building, and enjoying the rewards of a growing DeFi ecosystem!

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