Unlocking Innovation and Scalability: Delegate Your $ZK Tokens to XY Finance

Unlocking Innovation and Scalability: Delegate Your $ZK Tokens to XY Finance

What is zkSync delegation? Why you should delegate you ZK tokens to XY Finance? What is the relationship of zkSync and XY Finance? Check this blog to know!

XY Finance x zkSync

XY Finance is a pioneering Cross-Chain Bridge Aggregator with an in-house bridge that caters to all chains. We have seamlessly integrated yBridge, Synapse, cBridge, Circle CCTP, Across, xAsset Bridges, and several other bridges to simplify the user journey and facilitate cross-chain swaps in the most straightforward and quickest manner possible. 

From the very beginning of zkSync’s mainnet launch, we have been dedicated to advancing the zkSync ecosystem. As a prominent entity in onboarding users from various competing ecosystems, we have extended our support to multiple zkSync projects, including but not limited to Holdstation, Koi, SyncSwap, Zomma Protocol, GRVT, Cronos zkEVM, and more. Thanks to our users’ tremendous effort and support, we’ve become one of the most used and well-loved projects on zkSync. Our commitment as a delegate is to leverage our extensive multichain experience and profound knowledge of zkSync to contribute further to its development. 🌐🏁

Our overarching goal is to nurture and promote innovation throughout the entire zk stack ecosystem, ensuring its ongoing strength, security, and scalability. We firmly believe in the transformative potential of zkSync and the zk stack ecosystem to revolutionize the blockchain landscape! 🚀

What is zkSync Delegation

ZK Nation operates as a united community with a common goal of overseeing, safeguarding, and improving the ZKsync protocol, aligning with the vision outlined in the ZK Credo. This collaborative effort involves individuals, organizations, and technological advancements, fostering deliberate innovation and supporting the principles of freedom.

The governance structure of ZK Nation revolves around the Token Assembly, Guardians, and Security Council, collectively known as Three-Body Governance. Furthermore, the ZK Credo, crafted by Matter Labs, provides a set of eight guiding principles for the network’s operations.

Within the ZkSync governance, delegation is an integral part of the Token Assembly, where token holders delegate their voting power to representatives, known as delegates, who then wield this voting authority. Alternatively, token holders can opt to act as their own delegates and directly participate in voting, with each ZK token carrying one vote. 🗳️

Why should you delegate ZK to XY Finance

As a trusted ally and secure infrastructure on zkSync, XY Finance is an integral project in advancing the core tenets of ZK Credo – privacy, scalability, and security. It plays a crucial role in shaping the future of blockchain technology.

At XY Finance, we don’t just uphold these principles; we embody them. For instance, our smart contracts have been audited by trusted firms like BlockSec and Quantstamp. User privacy, network scalability, and robust security are not merely important; they are fundamental to the success and widespread acceptance of blockchain technology. Our work on ZKSync not only aligns with these values but also serves as an example of them. We are not just dedicated; we are unwavering in our pursuit of a decentralized future where these principles are not just recognized but are the standard.

In practical terms, delegating to XY Finance offers several compelling advantages that make it a valuable choice:

  • User Support: Over 500,000 addresses onboarded to zkSync, showcasing a wide user base and adoption.
  • Credibility and Activeness: Achieved a cross-chain volume exceeding $1.5 billion, demonstrating significant transactional activity and liquidity.
  • Solid Product and Engineering Team: Proficiency in smart contract development and robust blockchain infrastructure, ensuring secure and efficient operations.
  • High-level Technical Proficiency: Deep expertise in cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs, enhancing privacy and security measures.
  • Community Engagement: Strong capabilities in community building and engagement within the blockchain ecosystem, fostering a vibrant and active user community.
  • Partner Endorsement: Proven track record of successful partnerships and collaborations, driving ecosystem growth and innovation.
  • Diverse Background in Blockchain: Comprised of a dedicated team of blockchain experts with diverse skills and extensive industry experience, ensuring reliable and effective project management.

How to Delegate ZK Token to XY Finance

  1. Visit delegate.zknation.io and find XY Finance
  2. Connect your wallet 
  3. Follow the prompts to select a Delegate, or self-delegate
  4. Delegate

Done! Thank you for your support and trust in XY Finance. Let’s collaborate to unlock innovation and scalability on zkSync 💙WAGMI 💪

About XY Finance

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away.

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