XY Finance x OKX DEX: Maximize Liquidity & Diversify Routes on Major EVM Chains


  • XY Finance is a Cross-Chain Bridge & DEX Aggregator with its own bridge. 
  • XY Finance has integrated OKX DEX on Ethereum, Cronos, Avalanche, zkSync, Linea, Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB, Base & Fantom.
  • With this integration, users can enjoy greater stability in liquidity, access more cross-chain routes, and benefit from more cost-effective quotes hassle-free.
  • OKX DEX is a DEX and cross-chain bridge aggregator developed by the leading CEX OKX.

XY Finance Bridge Aggregator x OKX DEX

XY Finance is dedicated to providing an unparalleled cross-chain experience. While we previously supported 1inch, Openocean and our very own XY Aggregator, ensuring top quotes and a variety of cross-chain options, all while addressing liquidity concerns. Our recent integration with OKX DEX elevates our services to a new level:

  • Developers can easily integrate XY Finance’s all-in-one bridge aggregator API, linking their projects to enable multichain functionality and achieve the highest level of cross-chain interoperability.

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XY Finance Bridge Aggregator Currently Supports 4 DEX Aggregator:

  • XY Aggregator: XY Aggregator integrates liquidity from DEXs across different chains, including well-known platforms like Uniswap, PancakeSwap, and TraderJoe, fulfilling users’ needs for swaps between various tokens.
  • 1inch: As one of the most emblematic DEX aggregators in the DeFi industry, 1inch’s swap feature consolidates 483 liquidity sources from 12 chains, enhancing the liquidity XY Finance can offer across various mainstream chains.
  • Openocean: A one-stop decentralized crypto trading solution, Openocean stands out with its support for swap functions over 30+ chains. Even for less active or smaller user-based chains, Openocean provides the necessary liquidity for XY Finance.
  • OKX DEX: OKX, a leading CEX, has been actively moving towards Web3 development since last year. Its OKX DEX, integrating over 400 DEXs across more than 20 networks, is one of its potential breakthrough products. As the latest DEX integrated with XY Finance, it brings an expanded range of trading options for users.
  • More to be integrated!

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Why OKX DEX as XY Finance’s Bridge Partner

As a leading exchange in the market, OKX has been actively developing Web3 products since its rebranding last year. Its Web3 wallet, one of the most popular blockchain wallets today, not only offers basic asset storage but also serves as an entry point for users into the Web3 world, freely exploring various DeFi protocols and NFT markets.

Among its diverse services, OKX DEX caters to user swap needs, allowing users to transfer assets through 400+ DEXs across 20+ networks. Integration with OKX DEX will foster robust user circulation for both XY Finance and OKX, creating a more comprehensive cross-chain environment.

X Routing

X Routing, the swap algorithm of OKX DEX, compares prices from Liquidity Providers (LPs), taking into account prices, slippage, and network gas fees to ultimately find the best price across every DEX for users.

Currently, the optimal swap routes calculated by X Routing are also displayed on XY Finance, offering users a wider range of choices when conducting cross-chain transactions.


OKX DEX is a versatile service facilitating user swaps, enabling asset transfers through over 400 DEXs across more than 20 networks. Utilizing the X Routing algorithm, OKX DEX optimizes price comparisons from various Liquidity Providers, considering factors like slippage and gas fees, to ensure users get the best deals across DEXs.

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About XY Finance

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away.

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