Join Taiko Trailblazer to Get Taiko Airdrop with XY Finance now!

Join Taiko Trailblazer to Get Taiko Airdrop with XY Finance now!

Taiko airdrop is around the corner, are you ready to participate in Taiko Trailblazer and boost your Experience Points (XP) with every transfer or deposit to Taiko on XY Finance? Dive into the Taiko ecosystem with XY Finance and earn more Experience Points (XP) along the way!

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Enter the Taiko Trailblazers program to Earn Taiko Airdrop!

The Trailblazers program is designed as a loyalty program for users actively engaging in on-chain activities on the Taiko Mainnet to earn Experience Points (XP). The deeper you delve into and interact with the Taiko ecosystem, the greater your XP accumulation becomes. Accumulate XP to advanced levels; achieving higher levels by the end of the season unlocks increased eligibility for rewards.

According to Taiko’s official X, the first season of Trailblazers will provide a pool of 12 million $TKO. Of these, 10 million $TKO will be allocated to our users, and 2 million $TKO will be allocated for dApps on Taiko during our first season, which will last 3 months.

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How Can You Qualify for Taiko Airdrop?

The Trailblazers program can roughly be divided into 3 parts based on its attributes.

  • Special Boosts for OG since Genesis Airdrop: To express gratitude to everyone, especially from the beginning, there are Special Boosts available for certain qualifications.
    1. Alpha-1 NFT: 1.1x XP boost
    2. Taikoons holders: 2x XP boost 
    3. Galxe participants get bonuses based on their points for the first season
  • Special Boosts for Faction Badges (NFTs): Eight distinct Faction Badges are designed to foster a strong community and add an extra layer of immersive experience. Users can mint them on their profile for a 2.14x XP boost, but the opportunity to obtain them is fleeting!

Reminder: All NFTs combined can stack up to a max 3x multiplier.

  • Ecosystem Exploring: Participating in on-chain activities as a user will assist you in gathering XP points, which is a common way to qualify for an airdrop. Here are the official activities to get you started:
    1. Bridging ETH & ERC20 tokens
    2. Transaction volume on ETH & USDC
    3. Transaction counts; any kind of transaction counts!

As we conclude this section, it’s crucial to highlight the Leveling System based on the XP you accumulate. The higher your level, the more rewards you’ll earn.

Taiko Trailblazers program Week 2 Challenge

From June 17 to June 23, the task of the Trailblazers program Week 2 Challenge is completing a bridging transaction to the Taiko mainnet! The more liquidity you bridge, the higher you can rank on the blazerboard. Don’t miss the opportunity to earn points and climb the ranks while exploring the Taiko ecosystem. To join this week’s challenge, you can simply complete transactions using XY Finance!

Earn Your Robot Faction Badge

By completing the bridging transaction using XY Finance, you’ll earn the coveted Robot Faction Badge. This badge highlights your achievements and multiplies your XP points, helping you climb the ranks faster.

Read below for a step-by-step guide to discover how easy it is to execute a cross-chain bridge to Taiko at the most competitive prices and complete the challenge on XY Finance!

Begin Your Taiko Trailblazers program week 2 challenge with XY Finance!

As mentioned above, to complete the Taiko Trailblazers program week 2 challenge, you have to bridge your assets to Taiko using specific DApps within the Taiko ecosystem. To achieve this, XY Finance is your best partner!

XY Finance provides a seamless and efficient method for bridging assets to Taiko. Don’t wait any longer! Follow this simple guide to bridge tokens to Taiko:

  1. Visit XY Finance and connect your Wallet.
  2. Select the network from which you want to transfer tokens (Ethereum, Scroll, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism + 15 others).
  3. Select the token you want to bridge from your network to Taiko and input the amount.
  4. Review and confirm the transaction.
  5. Your tokens will arrive in under 5 minutes.

(Encountering any problems while bridging? Check out our comprehensive tutorial.)

If your transaction cannot be completed, please open a ticket in the XY Finance Discord. The team will happily help you resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We’d love for you to join the Taiko Trailblazers program and help boost XY Finance’s bridge ranking! Unlock new possibilities with Taiko—get started now!

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