June 2024 Ignites Airdrop Summer: Discover the Top 10 Must-Know Protocols

June 2024 promises to be an exciting month for airdrop hunters. DeFi Researcher Ignas has compiled a list of 20 projects likely to distribute airdrops. In this article, we’ll highlight some of these projects with the highest airdrop potential!

3 Emerging Layer2: Taiko, zkSync & Blast

Among these projects, Layer2 solutions airdrops are undoubtedly the most valuable and highly anticipated by users. This month, three prominent Layer2 projects supported by XY Finance —Taiko, zkSync, and Blastwill be rewarding their loyal users with airdrops.

zkSync has clearly announced its airdrop criteria, showing that actively interacting with various apps, performing token swaps, and providing token liquidity all contribute to earning a larger share of the airdrop.

Additionally, Blast has a clear points system and leaderboard, giving users a reference for future airdrop amounts. Bridging assets to Blast via XY Finance is the first step to qualify for the airdrop.

zkSync Airdrop Criterial

The following articles introduce the airdrop rules for Taiko, zkSync, and Blast. Reading and summarizing the similarities between them will help increase your chances of receiving future Layer 2 airdrops!

LayerZero: Sybils Out, $ZRO Airdrop Is Near

LayerZero is one of the most renowned cross-chain protocols. In early May this year, it announced that Snapshot #1 has been completed, indicating that an airdrop will occur in the near future.

However, before the airdrop, LayerZero announced that it would conduct multiple rounds of Addressing Sybil Activity to eliminate ineligible airdrop hunters. With all related activities now concluded, the community expects the $ZRO airdrop to arrive soon.

deBridge: Accumulate Points to Earn Airdrop

deBridge is a cross-chain bridge supporting 13 chains, and it launched a points system in April this year. Users can accumulate points by conducting cross-chain transactions or referring others to use deBridge. The number of points earned is proportional to the number of transactions and referrals. For example, for every $1 paid in fees, users will earn 100 points; if a user’s referral earns 10 points, that user gets 2.5 points.

These points will be the basis for future airdrops. The deBridge airdrop is expected to be distributed in June.

ether.fi: Season 2 Airdrop Coming on 6/30

ether.fi is one of the most renowned liquidity staking protocols on Ethereum. Users can earn Loyalty Points by staking ETH or stETH. The more ETH or stETH staked and the longer the staking period, the more points are accumulated. These points will determine eligibility for the $ETHFI airdrop.

The first season airdrop of ether.fi was distributed in March of this year, and the second season runs from March 15 to June 30. The airdrop is expected to be distributed at the end of the second season.

EigenLayer: Phase 2 Airdrop Launching Mid-June

EigenLayer is currently the restaking protocol with the highest TVL in the market. It distributed its Phase 1 airdrop in April this year, and the Phase 2 airdrop is expected to be available for claiming in mid-June. The Phase 2 airdrop will be distributed to users who have staked through LRT protocols such as Pendle, Equilibrium, and Kelp. Users can check and claim their airdrop amounts through this page.

However, it’s important to note that $EIGEN will remain untransferable for several months. The official reason for this is to provide ample time for decentralization and to foster community consensus regarding the token’s utility and governance.

Nostra: 100% Circulation $NSTR Airdrop Coming on 6/17

Nostra is a DeFi Super App on Starknet, offering features such as Swap, Stake, Liquidity Providing, and Lending. Its Token Generation Event (TGE), including an airdrop, will take place on 6/17, with 100% of the supply unlocked at launch. 

By actively using the Nostra App and inviting others to join, you can accumulate Nostra Points, giving you a chance to receive the $NSTR airdrop.

XION: Complete Free Quests to Earn XP

XION is the first L1 blockchain purpose-built for mainstream adoption through chain abstraction. It launched its testnet in January this year, where users can accumulate XP by completing various free activities on the testnet.

XP is expected to be used as a basis for the XION token airdrop, which is anticipated to take place in mid-June.

The Aggregated Rollup zkLink launched its $ZKL token airdrop event on 6/1 this year – NovaDrop Round One: Genesis. There are three eligible groups for the airdrop:

  • NovaPoints Holders
  • Nova Lynks NFT Holders
  • zkLink Loyalty Points Holders

Users can check this page to see if they qualify for the airdrop. If you do not qualify, you can still participate in zkLink’s ongoing Aggregation Parade to become eligible for future rounds of NovaDrop airdrops.

Here are the 10 protocols most likely to conduct airdrops in June. We hope you score some great airdrop rewards from these projects!

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