Holdstation Integrates XY Finance’s Cross-Chain Widget : Making DeFi as easy as CeFi !


  • XY Finance is now supercharging Holdstation’s DeFutures and Wallet with our advanced cross-chain solutions on Ethereum, zkSync Era, Linea, Base, Polygon zkEVM, Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Scroll, Mantle!🔥
  • Holdstation stands at the forefront of the zkSync Era, redefining DeFi trading.
  • Together, we present to you streamlined swaps of any tokens across 20 EVM chains via XY Finance on Holdstation seamlessly 🌐

XY Finance x Holdstation

We are thrilled to announce that Holdstation, an advanced DeFi Futures trading platform offering leverage options and diverse trading opportunities on zkSync Era has integrated XY Finance cross-chain widget! This allows users to easily bridge assets from major EVM chains to zkSync Era, tapping into the full potential of native account absorption. Experience an even smoother trading journey on Holdstation 🔥

What’s More

XY Finance + Holdstation enables users to participate in spot or margin trading anytime, anywhere, taking advantage of the most optimal routes, fastest speeds, and lowest prices available. Why is it so simple and convenient? Holdstation offers a mobile version of the Holdstation Wallet, combined with the integration of XY Finance’s cross-chain widget. Users just need to install it on their device and follow the instructions we’ll introduce next – you won’t have to worry about being limited by time and location when you trade!

Step-by-Step Guide: Bridge & Swap Assets on Holdstation via XY Finance

With a user-friendly interface, coupled with fast trading and a diverse range of assets, Holdstation achieved over $200 million in trading volume within just one month. Follow the steps below to enjoy seamless cross-chain swap experience on Holdstation DeFutures & Holdstation’s AA Wallet!

Cross-Chain Swap via Holdstation DeFutures Web dApp

  1. Go to Holdstation Exchange
  2. Navigate to Bridge tab
  3. Connect your wallet, set up cross-chain swap setting and Swap & Bridge

Cross-Chain Swap via Holdstation Wallet

  1. Go to Holdstation Official Website and download the App
  2. Open the app and import or create your wallet
  3. Click the send button at the right side bottom
  4. Switch to Bridge function and bridge your assets
  5. Don’t forget, you can choose to pay gas by native token or stable coin

About Holdstation

Holdstation is revolutionizing the DeFi trading experience, making it as intuitive and straightforward as centralized finance (CeFi) services. With Account Abstraction, Holdstation offers users a simplified trading process on zkSync Era, providing a much-needed solution to the complexities associated with DEX trading.

  • Streamlined Trading: Account Abstraction allows for one-click trades, bypassing the cumbersome multi-step processes.
  • Sponsored Fees: Holdstation’s Paymaster feature covers network fees, offering users the flexibility to pay with various assets like ETH, USDC, and USDT.
  • Batch Transactions: Transactions are combined, reducing complexity and fees.

More About Holdstation
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Document

About XY Finance

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away.

XY Finance Official Channels

XY Finance | Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Documents | Partnership Form

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