Track Your Transaction Status on Discord!

Cross-chain swaps and bridges can be confusing, making it hard to follow transaction statuses. To simplify this experience, XY Finance introduces a user-friendly Discord bot. This bot streamlines the process, ensuring a smoother transaction experience!

XY Finance Discord Bot Quick Guide

You can now use our Discord Bot to:

  • Track Bridge Transaction Status By Transaction Hash
  • Track yBridge Deposit or Withdraw Status By Transaction Hash
  • Track Transaction Status By Wallet Address
  1. Join XY Finance Discord
  2. Navigate to the #xy_support channel
  3. Type anything and XY Support Bot will pop out
  4. If your transaction is stuck for more than 15 minutes, you can simply check your transaction status by providing the transaction hash or sender address.

📝 The search results will remain private, visible only to you!

📝 Check History For All Transactions
You can also track all your transactions in the History section on the top-right corner of the (As the data is saved in the cache, do note that if you use different devices with the same wallet address, it will only show the transactions completed on that device.)

Still can’t find your transaction or you need additional help? You can simply clock on the ‘Report Issue” button or open a ticket on Discord. Our Alpha Team Members will be more than happy to assist you!

XY Finance team is dedicated to provide our users with the best cross-chain experience including customer support, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you encounter any issues.

About XY Finance

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away.

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