Treasure Chest NFT Airdrop

As we announced our GalaXY Kats – Resurgence Blockchain game is rolling out soon, we would like to thank all our holders who have been supporting GalaXY Kats. Especially those who are scared that their GalaXY Kats are lonely in the wallet alone. The team is going to airdrop Treasure Chest NFTs to these holders!  

Remember the Treasure Chest NFTs we airdropped? If you did not participate in the Alpha Test or GalaXY Conquest and do not have a Treasure Chest, you can check it out on OpenSea & join us in this journey! Everyone will soon be able to purchase their own Treasure Chest NFTs in Treasure Trove.

Who’s Eligible For Treasure Chest NFT Airdrop

GalaXY Kats Holders with:

  • 10~19 GalaXY Kats NFTs: 5 Rare Treasure Chest NFTs
  • 20~49 GalaXY Kats NFTs: 3 Rare & 1 Epic Treasure Chest NFTs
  • More than 50 GalaXY Kats NFTs: 3 Epic Treasure Chest NFTs
  • Snapshot Time: Sometime on 2022/11/06
  • Airdrop Time: Sometime on 2022/11/10~11/11

What Is GalaXY Kats Treasure Chest NFT

Treasure Chest NFT is the mint pass to unlock equipment NFTs. By minting the Treasure Chest, you stand a chance to unveil one Legendary, Epic, Rare or Common equipment randomly after the launch of GalaXY Kats Marketplace. Currently there are three levels of Treasure Chest: Common, Rare & Epic (Legendary coming soon!). The higher rarity of the Treasure Chest is, the higher the drop rate to get a higher rarity equipment! Don’t forget to pray to RNG God before unboxing your Treasure Chest, good luck!

What Can You Do With Treasure Chest NFT? 

Unbox Treasure Chest NFT to upgrade and diversify your equipment inventory so you can defeat your opponents in all the mode easy and top the leaderboard! As GalaXY Kats – Resurgence allows players to participate and win rewards, for those who do not have GalaXY Kats NFT or want to increase the combat stats faster, they can effectively upgrade the their characters’ combat power efficiently through the equipment in the Treasure Chest. All your GalaXY Kats will be able to share all equipment in the game and you can customize your GalaXY Kats NFT in Kats Base and change the metadata as well as NFT appearance on-chain!

*** The redeem process is 100% decentralized & you can see everything on-chain so sometimes it will take a little longer for you to redeem.

***Drop rate of ALL Treasure Chest is written in our smart contract. The team has no control in who gets what and everything is pure chance. You can check out our Equipment NFTs smart contract here.

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About GalaXY Kats

GalaXY Kats is a collection of 10,000 unique meerkat NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. GalaXY Kats aims to not only fulfill the mission as just an NFT/PFP, but also provide practical utilities to holders. Being a GalaXY Kats holder will allow you to enter our blockchain game with higher stats and even better, holders will unlock DeFi utilities such as swap fee rebate, token airdrops, and more via our XY Finance service.

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About XY Finance

XY Finance is a cross-chain interoperability protocol aggregating DEXs & Bridges. With the ultimate routing across multi-chains, borderless and seamless swapping is just one click away.

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